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the way I see it, Barry...

OCTOBER 31, 2008
Persistence pays off.

My cover for Sci-Fi Baby Names made it into the Print Regional Annual. A first for me. I've been freelancing full-time for 19 years, so I guess the old adage is true.
Tipping point - A piece for More magazine, on the right time and amount to tip
Whenever I get recognized for my work the work I do, I really do appreciate it. I got the message from Doogie Horner at Quirk Books last week. Living where I do I haven't had the chance to pick up a copy yet - I'm sure there are lots of Drawgers in there - post it if you're in!

It's been a good year, I've had some cool projects to work on and a few more in the works. After all this time, I still feel my work moving in new directions. Here's a few recent pieces.
Best places to do business - for Canadian Business magazine
This one was a bit more technical - microwave technologies for Forbes
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