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Gritty black and white

JULY 6, 2009
In Character magazine gave me the opportunity to illustrate their 'Grit' issue. This was a project I was honored to receive. Recently Scott Bakal illustrated the Compassion issue as well as Randall Enos.

This was a big project, illustrating the articles from cover to cover. I had some time to reflect on my own understanding of grit. Cowboys and athletes spring to mind immediately. I play hockey, but not in a gritty way. You can knock me off the puck with a sideways glance.

I learned through this project that grit transcends the physical aspects we associate with the word. Albert Einstein epitomized mental determination and depth, scribbling notes and equations on his death bed, in search of a grand unified theory of the universe.

I worked with Joannah Ralston, who was a pleasure to work with. The articles cover a wide range of viewpoints, from entertainment to the economy. A wonderful and well-written range of material to work with.

Self-help books
Working towards educational reform from within the system, the efforts to establish a working space
These black and white pieces were a joy to create - sometimes I fuss too much over color choices. I was able to spend more time weighing the balance of elements and concepts. There was also a mountain of sketches and revisions involved, testing my abilities and 'grit' as well.

Topical: work