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MARCH 7, 2010
I've been listening to the birds singing again in the treetops, watching the snow melt. The backyard rink is officially toast, a slush heap. The kids finished it off today. You can't help but think about spring. it's in the air!
In honor of the return of our feathered friends, i thought I would post the Birdhouse City project, something I undertook a number of years ago. Birdhouse City is a real place, located on the outskirts of my hometown, Picton, Ontario. It was founded, built and maintained by volunteers. There are a lot of bird lovers out there and a huge amount of work went into creating the birdhouses found here, all hand-built originals. There are numerous models of local attractions and architecture as well as whimsical and complicated structures. Take a tour, it begins here.
Organizing, cataloging, drawing and coloring 108 birdhouses was a bit obsessive, but I also found it to be deeply rewarding.
Two of these were printed in American Illustration 25. I've also put up a handful of these up over at Illogator. Check it out!

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