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Green House

FEBRUARY 27, 2012
I grew up in Leamington, Ontario. My old hometown is now surrounded by greenhouses. My grandfather and uncles owned greenhouses. I remember them as fragile glass structures heated by massive coal or gas-fired boilers. Modern operations cover acres of high-tech hydroponics and utilize waste co2 to feed the crops inside. Farmers are seeking out alternative green energy sources like biomass, wood pellets and methane.

So there is more 'green' in greenhouses than meets the eye.

I found this assignment from On Earth very satisfying and intriguing. It's about greenhouses built in hot, arid environments that draw salt water from the oceans, use the water to cool and control the temperatures inside the greenhouses, and produce fresh water for the operation. High tech, green and innovative.

I haven't worked in my CMY-X style for a while. I enjoy working with Gail Ghezzi on these assignments. Here are a few sketches from the assignment.