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COLD! huh! Good Gawd, What is it good for?

FEBRUARY 7, 2007
I usually don't work with a loose hand-lettered style, and I am having a lot of fun doing these. I put this piece together in a couple of hours tonight.
This is a follow up to an earlier posting, a response to the rumblings about the cold weather around here. I am extremely proud of my home-made backyard rink, the kids have been having a great time and I get a chance to develop slap shots and wrist shots in my spare time. A resounding success and an ongoing obsession.

So here it is:
We had about 4 inches of snow last night, I snapped these photos and put them together after I cleared the rink. It's great to have night lights!
The boys after a couple of hours on the ice
All Drawgers are hereby invited to drop by anytime for a game of shinny!
It's March 7, midafternoon. Still cold enough to skate. I am going out with the kids to hang out and shoot some pucks, soak up the sunshine. This year proved to be most successful build yet, lasting over 6 weeks. My son Lucas perfected his wrist shot and is lighting up the tyke league with his scoring touch! Warm weather is just around the corner. Today should be the wrap up.
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