Carl Wiens
March 2007
Cryin' in my Beer
Back in 2000 I got a call for my 'dream' assignment. Local brewer John McKinney invited me to create a logo and the labels for Glenora  Springs Brewery.

I was given a lot of creative leeway and the results were something we could be proud of.

Designing a good beer label can be a bit of a challenge. I wanted these to have a traditional look, but also wanted the illustrations to be featured prominently. Each label has a predominant color so that you can quickly identity which ale or lager you are about to enjoy. In the province of Ontario there is a government body, the LCBO, which distributes alcohol to the citizens. There is a list as long as your arm of what you cannot put on a beer label. The hockey player at the bottom was nixed eventually. Can't have people participating in sports associated with beer! I had a design of a tractor on one of the labels that was given the kibosh because someone decided it was a motor vehicle. We got away with the sailboat! Of course, I've never heard of a sailor having one too many, have you? There is logic in there somewhere.
Well, times change. The brewery sold. The new owners held on to the designs. For about a year. Now everything has been tanked including John's great names...

Oh well.. I didn't want to let this go without acknowledgement, so here are the labels we created. It was good while it lasted!
Anybody out there starting up a brewery? I will work for beer.
Saturday Morning Journal
Hockey season is winding up, with only a couple of games left. My son Lucas is heading into a playoff game this morning to determine if he goes to the 'a' final or 'b' final. I wish him luck. He's also gunning for a fifty goal season (!!!!)

Tyke hockey is for 7year old and under kids. It is a crazy, hectic, wild and thoroughly entertaining experience for the kids and the parents (most of whom don't take things TOO seriously). I wanted to capture some of that atmosphere in this piece. I intended to draw all kinds of action scenes, but maybe it's best to let the imagination fill in the rest. It's still all about having fun.
From the Depths of Outer Space
Talk about a niche market!
Looking for a perfect and nearly-unique moniker for your new arrival? Look no further....

When we decided to name our son Jacob (after my grandfather), I had no idea that everyone else was thinking the same thing. Jacob has shot to the top of the most popular boys names list. A bit of a surprise. Now a small sea of heads turn when we shout out his name at the hockey rink or on the soccer pitch.

If you want your kid to stand out, perhaps you should consider Anakin, Worf, or Morpheus. How about Zardoz? These are a few of the 500 Sci-Fi Baby Names, Published by Quirk Books (release date September, written by Robert Schnakenberg). A must for the ubernerd parents-to-be on your gift list.

I'd like to see a volume of wacky Rock star kid names like Zowie or Moon Unit (maybe it's already done...)

I had lots of fun with this cover art!
Seeing spots
Series of drawings about hobbies, of which I have none. No time these days!
Run Spots, Run!

Lately I have been dispatching a large volume of spots, sent off to languish along the margins and squatting in corners.

Today, thanks to Drawger, they are set free, given some elbow room and a chance to shine!
Series for travel article. Would be nice to go somewhere. This week I am travelling to Desoronto for my son's hockey tournament (20 mins. north of here)
Telephone Game for Barrons
A couple of pieces relating to pros/cons of curfews
Anything but idle
Here's a piece that ran in the 'Business of Green' section in the NYT.
It's been an absolute zoo lately, working around the clock. I picked up a copy and I was really disappointed in how it ran. I thought  this piece would print much larger and it lost something when it was reduced. Ah the joys of newsprint! I know it will look great here though.

The article talks about a truck driver who has eliminated idling his rig for long periods of time while on the road through a few simple modifications. I wanted to convey the gritty and desolate atmosphere of a truck stop.
sketches here
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