Carl Wiens
September 2007
Hit the Ice
Always wear a helmet, kids!
One hour to go and I can't focus on anything else. I've been waiting all summer to get back on the ice and play. It's kind of an affliction. It's hockey!

Five years ago I was invited to join a group playing pick-up hockey once a week. I was thrilled at the chance to play again, but I only played entry-year level hockey as a kid and my skill set was almost nil. I was completely terrified once the slap shots started ringing off the boards during warm up. They sounded like gunshots, and any one of them could drop you. I didn't even have a wrist shot that I could deliver with any speed or accuracy. Every week going to the rink I would say 'thisiscrazy, thisiscrazy....yeaaah this IS crazyyyy!'

I've come a long way since then, thanks to the patience of the guys I play with. I always consider a game successful if I make a good pass or set up a nice assist. I also hover around the net a lot and pick up garbage goals. The pratfalls don't come quite as often now and I don't run into my teammates any more. (well, hardly ever). I do give it my best shot.

This is not competitive hockey- it's just a bunch of guys who are self employed and can goof off on a Monday afternoon. We have a mix of authors, musicians and artists, a handful of retirees, bartenders, brewers and tradesmen.

There is a moment or two every game where you get fed the perfect pass or a lucky bounce hits your stick and there is no one between you and the goalie. Time seems to slow and everything gets focused. Forehand or backhand, short side or stick side, better decide quick!  Succeed or fail, it is intense and life-affirming. Not so crazy after all.

Underwear Sneak Peek
Has your favorite pair of briefs outlived its 'expiration' date? By a year perhaps, or by a decade or two?

How many sagging, hole-ridden, gauze-like undies lay tucked away in the dark recesses of your dresser drawers, waiting to be taken out for a good airing?

This summer I was lucky enough to work with Joshua McDonnell at Running Press on 'The Man's Guide to Repairing Underwear' - a twelve-step guide that should be required reading for every proud member of 'mankind'. Help is on the way!

Chock-full of enough handy tips and tricks to keep you connected for a lifetime of cotton-poly bliss. This book also includes the tools you will need to keep those prized briefs in brand-spanking new shape.

Your kit includes duct tape, white out, patches and a whole mess of other goodies- everything you need in one complete package!
I really appreciate having the opportunity to work on this and contribute to the overall well-being and betterment of man.
Coming to a store near you sometime soon
I like the concept of connecting with our surroundings - earth and elements. This image is about growth, something that is not necessarily easy or straightforward.

In May I was contacted by Mark Murphy and was excited to have the chance to work with him. I was given one word to work with: Grow.
A handful of sketches
The artwork appears in this years Directory of Illustration brochure. Mark was really great to work with. I think the piece provided a really nice opportunity for growth!
Here's a bit of a piggyback to Bob's color article. I tend to obsess and sometimes overwork colors and compostion. Thomas Miller from Time gave me a call for this spot. He suggested keeping the linework and colors very simple.

This piece went quickly and worked out nicely. How cool is that?
Sketches - I don't usually work in color at the sketch phase, but I found this to be quick and effective.
The illustration deals with following the herd, with money managers tending to play it safe and not necessarily exercise their own powers and decisions. Not your typical business illo.
Wild Life
This summer has been a real trip. Alternating between a handful of vacation days and mad scrambles to keep on top of the assignment work.

I got a call from Tracy Toscano at Plenty Magazine. Interesting topic: controlling problematic animal populations, such as racoons, deer, coyotes and foxes by administering birth control technology, as opposed to hunting.

Interesting follow up to my post about the mice. 'Hey, you little rodents, care for some hormones with that cheese?'
I thought I would post the sketches I submitted, I rather liked them all.
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