Carl Wiens
June 2009
Portable Dad
With father's day approaching I thought I would post this recent project for Perseus Books.

If you need to know how to fix a leaky faucet, repair a flat tire, replace a broken fan belt or paint a room without painting yourself into a corner, and your dad is not there, unavailable, or keeps putting you on hold, then this book is what you need.  It's aimed at the kids moving away from home. So it's not really a father's day item, but something dad might give as a 'parting' gift. (Just before he breaks out the scotch to celebrate his new-found freedom).

This book has a unique feature.  Open up the end flaps, pull out the perforated handles, and you have a faux toolbox!

You can check out the author's (Steve Elliot) blog, chock-a-block full of handy tips and regular-guy anecdotes.

Getting a read on the economy lately is difficult at best. For every sign of an uptick, there is a handful of disturbing headlines. You need to get somebody who can put all of these things together and provide a reasonable viewpoint. I've been lucky enough to work on assignments for Justin Fox at Time magazine recently.

The uncoupling of China/U.S. trade

Biz school grads take an oath to act in and ethical way.

Leveling bank profits through regulation.

Replacing the U.S. dollar as global currency
Detroit Steel
The 1970 GTO Judge sported a kickass decal and came in 'Orbit Orange'. It rolled off the production line with a 360 horsepower Pontiac 455 engine and Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. Vacuum Operated Exhaust, which increased the volume of the rumbling engine. Rally wheels, bucket seats and on-hood tach. Pure muscle car.

Arguably Pontiac's greatest achievement, and perhaps it's apex. It's been downhill since then.

R.I.P. Pontiac

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