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JUXTAPOZ Interview : August 2012

AUGUST 19, 2012
One never knows where a piece in a group show will lead one but I was very fortunate to introduce my work to the publisher and president of Juxtapoz, Gwynth Vitello a few years ago when she purchased the piece "The Unquiet Voice" at the "Manifest Equality" show in LA.  
Gwyneth said that she would be interviewing me this year sometime, which became a reality quickly in May. She came out to visit me in Cleveland for 2.5 days and rather than put her up in a hotel nearby (most are either on the Cleveland Clinic campus or too far away) I invited her to stay with me-a bit daunting but she was an easy guest.  An avid walker, Gwynn and I must have walked 3 miles a day and I loved showing her around some of my favorite stomping grounds in Cleveland with visits to Convivium 33 Gallery one of the most fascintating gallery spaces here - a Catholic Church restored and run by Alenka Banco, Zygote Press-managed by Liz Maugens, a meal in Asian town and a tour by Jill Snyder, executive director of the nearly completed and much aniticipated Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA Cleveland.  Also, a backyard dinner with two important American Art historians, Henry Adams and Marianne Berardi, who reside in Cleveland.  Only regret was not having enough time to bring her to our incredible Cleveland Museum of Art-next visit-I hope! Though I am from Chicago and will always feel a bit of loyalty to my hometown, I have fallen in love with Cleveland as a place that nurtures a vibrant cultural scene, which has escalated in the past few years with affordable housing and studio space as well as world class cultural and educational institutions, it is a hidden gem to show off.
Here is a link to the full artiicle or pick up a copy while the August issues are still available.  I thought this issue was particularly interesting-love the work by Misaki Kawai, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell - fascinating interview on Kenji Nakayama.