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Filtered : What Does Love Look Like : Friesen Gallery through March 7

MARCH 3, 2014
"Fire" 13"x21" Inks, handmade pigments in kaolin clay on clayboard panel. The cycle begins. Someone … some intangible force within them, draws you off of the worn and trusted path and into the woods. There is excitement, discovery and risk. Details, sounds, colors, textures, previously unnoticed become immediate. A spark flies. A fire is lit. Light turns to warmth. A dormant seed has germinated. The forest has been transfigured. A new path lays open.

Detail from "Fire"

I am part of a group exhibition which opened Feb 14th in Sun Valley, ID at Friesen Gallery. The perameters for the show were to only create in the ratio of the golden proportions and to visually interpret the title of the show "Filtered ; What Does Love Look LIke?".  I chose to do 4 pieces inspired by the elements of nature, "Fire", "Earth", "Air" and "Water".  Through the filter of the natural world, I’ve incorporated the symbolic forces of the classical elements of earth, air, water and fire. From these elements our senses are born. Everything in life and nature is the culmination of many pieces and parts which all fit together in a complex puzzle that constantly shifts a little here and there, morphing over time, including love.

"Air" 6.5"x10.5" Inks, handmade pigments in kaolin clay on clayboard panel. Like the late morning air above a sun drenched earth, the soul rises toward a cloudless sky. Levitated, buoyant, weightless in the joy of longings lost memory. The wheel? Turning? Is it a reminder to all that with every rise there is also a fall? Love, if centered, lives at the edge of the wheel of life. Always returning to earth.

"Earth" 6.5" x 10.5" Inks, handmade pigments on clayboard panel. Simultaneously manifested in the fire of passion, enduring in the flow of events and time, and at peace in the ethereal vastness of space, lovers stand beneath the tree of life. Joyful, patient and humble they are one with the earth, the beginning and end of every voyage.

Detail "Earth"

Detail "Earth"

"Water" 6.5"x 10.5" Inks, handmade pigments on clayboard panel. Life and time, in a torrent, flow in and around, under and through love. Endlessly varied. Relentlessly persistent, adorned with hard hat, love persists. Bending, reforming, neither resisting, nor yielding. Love is its own stream, always flowing uphill, fluid, transparent and quietly powerful.

I'm honored to be showing with some great artists like Julie Heffernan and Edwina White.
You can view the entire show here.