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Let's change the subject
JD Salinger January 28 News that the reclusive author J.D. Salinger passed away sent me back through the years in several ways. This is a... Brown is the new purple January 20 This is what I love about politics. The election of Scott Brown to the US Senate last night was an... Blue September 11 We all have very particular memories and feelings that present themselves like a stranger barging into the room when... Summer Studio September 4 This is the summer studio. Katama Bay, South Beach dunes beyond that, and then the Atlantic. I installed a nice... I scream, you scream, we all scream for.... June 2 My favorite comedy routine growing up was Bill Cosby's bit on the ice creram man. My favorite Van Halen song?... Crumb at Mass Art February 19 I met a few friends at Mass Art last night to see the R. Crumb exhibit. I've always admired Crumb's uncompromising... It ain't stealing if it's art. February 5 This is from today's Boston Globe. There's an exhibition of Shepard Fairy's work at the ICA in Boston this month and... Mother Jones January 7 I guess it’s okay for me to piggyback on Harry Campbell’s post here. Over the last year or so... Front Page Fuchs December 3 Someone around here should mention Thomas Fuch's great illustration on the front page of the New York Times today. I... Vote! November 4 I hope you all get out and vote today....unless you haven't made up your mind yet which would mean that you haven't... George Carlin June 23 For better or worse I received a good part of my philosophical education through comedians when I was growing up. ... Grand Theft Auto May 12 One of the most provocative pieces of writing I’ve come across recently was a  New York Times review of the... Snowball piggyback December 13 Mid-December, Christmas lights, and the first big snowstorm of the year. It's beautiful, and it makes me feel like a... More Drawger Party November 19 I thought the 3 hour drive to NYC would be the hard part. Then another 3 hours between the Cross Bronx and the... Shame November 6 I was talking to a friend the other day and somehow the conversation drifted into that dark neighborhood at the corner... Red Sox Win! October 29 So the Red Sox won the World Series last night, sweeping the Colorado Whattayacallits in 4 games. When the Sox won the... Ghosted! October 23 Ah, Halloween, the season of ghosts, ghouls, and… Giving!Around here, the kids have a Halloween tradition... The way I saw it. October 11 Like many of you, I start the day with the biggest, strongest bucket of coffee I can rustle up. There's a Starbucks up... G.M. September 17 Adam Rex September 12 I believe in shouting out when the subject's worth the shout. I just discovered Adam Rex via Irene Gallo's (excellent)... I can stop any time I want. August 8 I swore to myself this summer that I wouldn’t get dragged back into bike racing. It’s excruciatingly... . July 27 Summer Studio July 16 It’s Mid-Summer and I’m still having a hard time getting the momentum back after a nice vacation. Crickets... Mr. Butch, RIP July 12 Mr. Butch F-s motherf-ers. How often do you stumble onto a catchphrase that stays with you for decades? That quote... Doug Marlette July 11 The Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Doug Marlette died yesterday in a car accident. I didn’t know... Life on the dock. June 21 My mother’s house is smack dab on the side of a lake in a quaint little western New England village. She refers... Belly of the Beast June 20 It’s not often that you get to visit a legend, much less hang around with one. It’s even less often that... Cape Invasion May 29 My buddy Mark Penta just had his first book published. It's called "Cape Cod Invasion". He had his first book... Sox vs. Yanks April 21 There’s nothing like Fenway Park on a nice summer evening. After the weather we had this past week, the mid... Belated piggyback April 13 This is in response to Sterling Hundley's post a few days ago on the Illustration Academy. I had this at my old blog,... A Big Fat Greek Easter April 8 Actually, there weren't any fatties there, but if you've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you get the basic idea of what... Grown Men Who Shave Their Legs April 1 It's a very diverse crowd that shows up on race day. You have carpenters, accountants, pilots, former pros, hedge fund... Scotch and Cigars? March 29 A lot of you have shown me your, so I'll show you mine.