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I did this yesterday afternoon while the east coast was bracing itself for the arrival of hurricane Earl. My family had just returned from a week on Martha's Vineyard, missing the the storm by a couple of days. Now I know that as a responsible adult I should take all the proper precautions when the threat of a natural catastrophe presents itself. I should go to the store and buy several dozens of gallons of water, 10 gallons of milk, a shipping container of spam, and enough eggs to last until house egging season at the end of October. I must not take these things very seriously though, because what I did buy was a six pack of Sam Adams, a handful of tabloids, and some candy for the kids. Everybody in the house is now properly supplied.
So imagine my disappointment when I heard the predictable news that Earl is expected to be downgraded to a plain old tropical storm this evening. For a hurricane that's like having the show close before it opens on Broadway, like making it to the major leagues only to have a career ending injury in the locker room before the big game. Poor Earl.