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Communication Arts Illustration Annual

APRIL 26, 2012

I was fortunate to have a couple of pieces accepted into this year's CA Illustration Annual. This one above is a portrait of Ted Hoff, who invented the microprocesser in 1968, ushering us from a world of relative black and white to one of maybe too many colors. Steve Sauer of Network World had me create about 10 portraits of these "Fathers Of...". I was pretty blown away at the idea that the creators of the networked worlds that we live in and around are for the most part anonymous.

This one was for aTim Luddy at Mother Jones. The story was about Washington fat cats. For whatever reason, there are certain art directors for whom you reach a little deeper. Tim's at the top of that list.
I'm always grateful whenever I make it into any of these competitions. A huge thanks to those judges that liked my work enough to put it in the mix.