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MAY 16, 2013

It's been a rough week for Obama. I imagine he must suddenly be feeling a sense of vertigo, falling from such great heights in such a short span of time. I've been watching Hitchcock movies lately and I thought this shot of Jimmy Stewart would translate the moment well.
There have been some terrific illustrations using Hitchcock as source material. Here's Tim O'Brien's from a few years ago using the same shot from Vertigo. I think this was for Entertainment Weekly.
Here's Victor Juhasz's fantastic take on North By Northwest, with Dan Rather in the Cary Grant role, for the New York Observer. I've seen this piece a million times and I still shake my head in awe.
There was a little trend here on Drawger a few weeks ago that had artists posting their 15 biggest influences. Hitchcock would be at the top of my list, right behind Sergio Leone.Those super close up shots that seemed to last forever sort of taught me how to look at faces, searching for the smallest detail that might give some secret away. If you know me, or meet me, rest assured that as you're telling me your interesting story, I'm probably only half listening while studying your face for the real story of you.
I've added this sketch per Victor's request.