Dale Stephanos
February 2008
There Will Be Mud
I'm looking forward to tonight's debate. I've been fascinated at the way Hillary has melted down with each loss to Obama. It seems as though her campaign is throwing the different sides of her personality at us the way a bucket brigade would throw water on a barn fire. I smell futility.

It's also interesting to see how Barack Obama has gained a such a strong following by being a more focused personality, but much murkier policy maker than Hillary. They are two sides of the same coin. Change.

This was a cover for the Providence Phoenix - the Boston Phoenix' offspring. The Boston PHX was my first steady freelance gig. They're fun to work for because I can do pretty much what I want, and the dealines are pretty tight. The work I do for them tends to be more spontaneous than some of my more rendered stuff, and it straddles my cartoonist/illustrator personalities nicely.

For this kind of thing, I try not to look at any reference photos if I know the personalities well enough.
Oh, God.
Title: Too much work for too little money. I should aslo mention that the cramped composition is because I had to make room for the logo, headline and mailing label that's on the cover as well.
Back in the 80's when I lived with my older brother in a little apartment in Boston, one of our preferred leisure activities was to enjoy some of nature's bounty and watch late night televangelists. This was in the Reagan years, so Jerry Falwell and the Moral Majority where on the media's radar screen, and Jim and Tammy Fay Baker were kickin' it, doing what they do. Or did. I can't tell you how many times we'd look at each other wide eyed and say "Oh. My. GOD" and burst out laughing.

Well, one person's sucker is another's parishoner I guess. When I got the call to do a piece on Senator Chuck Grassley's investigation into the "Grassley Six" - a select group of televangelsts who are suspected of - get ready for it - inappropriate fiscal activity for a nonprofit entity, I said sure, I'd love to get a shot in.

The funny thing about this story is that Grassley himself is a christian right winger who is putting it to these cats because they're ruining the Christian Right Wing name. Okay. At least someone's doing it.
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