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A Big Fat Greek Easter

APRIL 8, 2007
Homemade Tyropeta. I'm not sure what's in it, but it's good!
Actually, there weren't any fatties there, but if you've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you get the basic idea of what Easter was like today around here. It's all true!

My wife made her signature appetizer - Tyropeta. It's filo dough filled with feta cheese and something else. She won't tell me what. That's one of the things I really get a kick out of. There's a subtle but very real competition among the greek women to make the best dish. You hear things like "Oh, this is great, what's the recipe"?, "Oh, you just make the dough and then maybe ten minutes". There are more non answers and obfuscating than a White House press conference.

I'm Irish on my mother's side and greek on my father's. We weren't raised with a lot of the greek culture, so I've enjoyed it more as a tourist than a native, which cuts both ways. "Dale" is obviously not a greek name, so when I meet a member of the family I've never met before(yes, after 27 years, I meet people in my wife's family I've never met before. Talk about "It takes a village"), it usually goes like this: (Imagine a greek accent) "Dale? Dale" What is Dale? Is not a GREEK name", and then a look of disappointment, then "But STEPHANOS! Yes, STEPHANOS is GREEK! VERY GOOD!" and then a hug and a kiss and on to the next.

The good thing is I'm a pretty skinny SOB and all the yiayias keep pushing food on me, so making a pig out of myself at these things is no problem.