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Sox vs. Yanks

APRIL 21, 2007
There's no better place in the world than Fenway on a nice summer night.
There’s nothing like Fenway Park on a nice summer evening. After the weather we had this past week, the mid 70’s temperatures were like a gift. Almost as good a gift as a Red Sox vs. Yankees 3 game stand at Fenway.

My son Liam is turning 7 this week and he’s a Red Sox fanatic so I thought I’d get us both tickets to the Big Game. We had the honor of seeing a David Ortiz homer and watching Jeter strike out. But of course, best of all was the fine cuisine: Hot Dogs, Cotton Candy, Cracker Jacks, Peanuts, Ice Cream, soda and beer. (I only let Liam drink Bud Lite)

Sox won, 7-5.
Poor kid's father looks like E.T. Obviously Liam gets his good looks from his mother.
I sit behind this guy everywhere I go.
Good Eatin'.