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NOVEMBER 6, 2007
I was talking to a friend the other day and somehow the conversation drifted into that dark neighborhood at the corner of Disappointment and Shame. Now these are two very different avenues, even if they look similar at first. While those who dwell on Disappointment are renters, the residents of Shame are the owners of a mortgage that will never be paid in full.

I think I'll step off that metaphor here.

I got to thinking about my disappointments and  those things of which I am truly ashamed.

My wasted later teenage years? Disappointed.
My love of 80's metal? Shame. (But I ain't changing - Shout at the devil!)

You get the idea. I can justify my love of Journey ( Guitarist Neal Schon turned down a gig as Clapton's rhythm guitarist when he was 17 so he could go on tour with Santana).

I think the only times I've really been ashamed is when I knew I could do something and didn't. It's like watching someone steal a part of you and not fighting to get it back.

And just so you know I'm giving it my all, I'll admit to liking....no, maybe I won't go that far. Maybe over a beer sometime.