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Gone Baby Gone

JANUARY 2, 2008
Top: Pavorotti, Evel Knievel Middle: Norman Mailer, Beverly Sills, Robert Goulet Bottom: Kurt Vonnegut, Anna Nicole Smith, Ike Turner.
2007 ended in an avalanche of work which was based in one of two categories: People who annoyed us, or people who died. At one point I was about to suggest that someone should do an article on people who annoy who should die, but I realized that was a very un-holidayesque idea and just kept my mouth shut.

This was done for one of my favorite art directors, Michael Hogue at the Dallas Morning News. In case it’s not obvious, this is an obit piece for entertainers who won’t be down for breakfast in 2008. Not all of these cats had shuffled offstage when I started,  and I tried to resist the urge to wish someone to death simply because they’re fun draw.
Topical: Illustration