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Golf World

JANUARY 5, 2009
See anyone you know?
Way back in June Jennifer Cole from Golf World called to asked me to do a full page illustration of golfer Rocco Mediate. The job died a quick death because they went with a photo. Still, Jennifer said she’d like to do something with what we had started. Maybe towards the end of the year. It was midsummer and business wasn’t slow, but it wasn’t really a crushing schedule either, so I just chalked it up to the way things happen sometimes in this business and moved on. To my surprise Jennifer called back in August ready to make good on the idea of having me do all the illustrations for Golf World’s end of the year Newsmakers issue. I was excited about biting off a big piece of work heading into the fall. When Jennifer sent me the first list of illustrations I’d be doing, I swallowed hard and buckled in for some long days and nights.

As I worked on what would end up being 16 pieces (full pages, spreads, spots and a cover) the world around us was changing drastically. The election was wrapping up, and the economy had gone to hell. News of magazines and newspapers shutting down or going out of business was everywhere,  and here I was with tons of work. In addition to this particular job, the phone was ringing more than usual. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging about how well I’m doing while so many people are hurting. Rather I’m just thankful to those clients old and new who have continued to see the value of illustration. Maybe there’s something about illustration that’s more “fun” than photography. Maybe I’m just cheaper than a photo shoot. I’d like to think the world has finally realized how incredibly charming I am, and that I’m as loyal as a puppy.

Whatever the case, thanks to Jennifer for this huge job. It was a lot of fun.
I was looking at a great Chuck Close book around the time I did this one.
Topical: Illustration