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Put a cork in it

MAY 4, 2009
Angela Moore from The Santa Fe Reporter called last week for a cover. After a weekend of miscommunication I had Monday afternoon to complete the sketch/final. The story was about how and when free speech had been shut down over the past year. Stick a cork in it was a phrase I've heard often in my life. This is for all who expressed that sentiment.

A word about the art itself. As a kid one of my favorite album covers was the Scorpions' "Blackout" cover art by Gottfried Helnwein. I could not get enough of that guy's work. The Belushi, Clint Eastwood and James Brown Rolling Stone magazine covers he did are still in my files here. I had no intention of tipping my hat to him with this piece, but when I finished I thought to mjyself "Hmmm...that looks familiar". It's a funny thing we do, drawing pictures.

I often have this expression when there's an overnight deadline.
Topical: Illustration