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UTNE Reader


Back in late June as I was doing my vacation preparation version of the helicopters and sauce scene from Goodfellas, an email from  UTNE Reader's Stephanoe Glaros chimed in asking if I was available to do a cover. The subject would be sex in the 21st century. I loved the idea of having skin mag pioneer and pajama king Hugh Hefner being appalled by what the kids are doing online these days. Hefner's face is to caricaturists what Playboy used to be to 14 year old boys: A gift from God that keeps on giving. Or so I'm told. During my research (I only looked at Playboy for Hefner's wrinkly face) I was struck by how quaint Playboy's aesthetic is.
So, after agreeing to the job I dragged along the Cintiq and spent leisurely evenings on the Vineyard working to the sounds of waves beyond the dunes, children laughing in the summer breeze and the tapping of wine glasses.
This issue came out a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again to Stephanie for the fun gig.
Given the tone and subject matter I felt that my natural gravitational pull towards a MAD magazine sensibility would work.