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Herman Cain for the New York Observer

NOVEMBER 17, 2011

Here's a fun, quick turn around job I did this week for Lauren Draper at The New York Observer. The story is about Cain's varied fund raising streams in New York. So what does a bone dry topic like that need? That's right, pizza. I've found that pizza can make almost anything interesting. Someone wants an illustration on mortgage backed derivatives? Throw a classic Pepe's pizza in there. Oh, you want a picture that explains stem cell research ethics? How about a nice Regina's pizza? I hope to god I don't get a call for a Penn State illustration, because it will ruin God's Greatest Food for me forever.
Working for the Observer is always fun because it allows the 12 year old me (my natural state) to just do his thing, but with fancier, techier crayons. Guess what's for lunch?
Here's how it looks in print. Now that's a front page.