Daniel Pelavin
Don't read this, go design something!
Journalistic excellence or out and out puffery? You decide.
So back in March, I get an email from a writer in Switzerland, who says he'd like to interview me for a website that I still don't quite understand but, it has something to do with pigments, chemicals and the international world of design. He's been profiling artists from all over the world including the most excellent Ms. Jean Tuttle. I tell him what I usually tell people, just make something up, it'll be more interesting than what I have to say and save you the trouble of being accurate. He insists on being thorough, gathers every tidbit of propaganda he can find, does a phone interview and comes through with an awesome box of Swiss chocolate. The result: "Don't Read This, Go Design Something!" - An Interview with Daniel Pelavin. Oh yeah, you have to click on the above link to see the interview and, don't even try to find Ziggy Nixon, he had to join the witless protection program.

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