Daniel Pelavin
I think it's about time for my 3-month (apparently) Drawger update. This one features a futile but, educational journey to a rejected Fortune cover. I did my best with the ace support of design director Emily Kehe. I could shrug it off as "you win some, you lose some" but, I'm pretty happy with the solutions we reached and realistic in accepting the final outcome. I have to admit though, for a brief while, I actually thought I was going to be bragging about my luck and still feeling viable. To the left is the final version. Below, a journey backwards through a veteran lettering artist's quest for immortality.
Approaching the wire: add dimension with drop shadows, replace process tint with Pantone color.

Almost there: Use colors from palette provided with but, with dark background.
Now with new and improved copy: 4 with their colors, 5 with mine (Try and guess).

I didn't show this to Fortune so, I don't know why I'm showing it to you.

First color exploration and original copy.

Just to be safe: Bring a couple of roughs up a little tighter.

Before the cover lines, bar code and additional copy. Ah, the joys of imagination and wonder!

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