David Gothard
While on the subject of books...
Ok, last post for awhile - gotta hit the boards. Krazy Kat has been mentioned a number ot times here, so I want to share one of my personal faves..."Archy & Mehitabal" by Don Marquis,illos by Herriman. I picked it up at a second hand bookshop back when I first began drooling all over my sneakers whilst looking at Krazy Kat....fer 50 cents!!! The original copyright is 1927, my copy is 1944. It's prolifically illustrated (drawings not found elsewhere) and is a hoot to read. Kat & Ignatz are here transformed into the characters of Archy & Mehitabel. Nope, sorry, not loaning this out. You'll have to drop by the studio if you wanna spend some time with it.
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