Donald Kilpatrick
February 2006
A sampling of my new project- "IL PRIMO AMORE".
This is a small taste of a personal project i am working on- "Il Primo Amore".I hope to have it finished in the next few months, and i will post more as it progresses...
What are you rebelling against, Donny? I dunno...whatcha got?
Courtesy of my ol' pal Charlie beyl.
I was surfing around other Drawger's sites the other day, and i came across a photo of David Bamundo leaving the Rat pack in stitches. Not to be outdone, i had my picture taken with my new crew- The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. My apologies to Marlon Brando...
Olympus XA-great design in small package!
Uber cool design, years ahead of its' time!
This is one great camera. The XA is the world's most compact rangefinder film camera, and is a joy to shoot with. I have read all about other compact cameras, like the Lomo compact automat, but none hold a candle to the XA. My photographer friend likes his XA so much that he has held off buying a Leica. He has used his for years. He takes it around with him like i take my sketchbook everywhere. The great thing about this camera is that you can fit it in your pocket AND take your sketchbook too! All of the photos in my gallery section were shot on this little delight of a camera.
Selections from my sketchbook
I have just uploaded some examples from the sketchbook that i am currently working in. Random stuff like drawings done on the train, and a story that i am currently working on. Check them out in the My sketchbook section.
Wandering in Muir woods.
Yesterday my wife, son and I took some friends visiting from New York to Muir woods. It rained for most of the time we were there, but cleared up enough for us to enjoy the beautiful redwoods. By the time the park closed we were all starving, so we relied on my friend's nose for sniffing out a good place to eat- a great mexican restaurant in nearby Mill Valley.
Welcome to the Sketchpage!
Here it is, i finally got a space where i can mess around! I have always wanted a space where i can show my experiments in different media. Thanks to Nancy Stahl for inviting me, providing the motivation for getting this off the ground.
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