Donald Kilpatrick
April 2009
Art Battle 2009
For the past two years I have participated in the Detroit Art Battle that has been organized, in part, by Andrew Davis of Cave gallery at the Russell Industrial Complex. I was impressed with the amount of work that Andrew (and Vince) put into this year’s battle. They really paid a lot of attention to the small details, and I was happy to take part again this year.

Basically for those who aren’t familiar with the art battle, it consists of a variety of artists who are cut loose to work for three hours in front of a crowd, and the crowd votes on their favorites.

I wanted to see if I could paint a super big painting ( i really haven't ever painted this large...) this go around, and I also wanted to collaborate with another artist or two. I invited a couple of my students to collaborate with me- Wes Eggbrecht (of Botobit fame.), and Matt Byle. Another of my students, Alonzo Edwards, participated as well.

I had a blast and am happy to report that we came in second in the voting.  I was nice to just be able to cut loose and have a good time in a very chaotic setting.

courtesy of Bryan Durren
Andrew Davis and Mike Daines.
Me, Matt Byle, and Wes Eggebrecht.
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