Donald Kilpatrick
December 2007
Happy Holidays everyone!
As usual, i am late in getting my holiday card done!
I hope that each of you will have a great holiday season, and I hope the very best for you all in 2008.

Christian Slade's visit to CCS.
This past week we had the pleasure of having Christian Slade visit our students here at CCS. Christian was here for a two day workshop that included a figure drawing workshop, a drawing trip to the zoo (yes, it was c-c-cold!), and a demo to finish it all off based on the previous two days experiences. The students gained a lot by having him visit, and it was a great send off for our semester’s end. Christian brings a great positive energy with him wherever he goes, and it rubbed off on our students in such a good way.

I really enjoyed having a good friend visit as well.

Along with having Christian visit, we had Francis Jetter here a couple of weeks earlier. It was a great semester with all of the visitors we had. I would love to have more Drawgers come and visit Detroit-Rock City in the coming months.

Thanks Christian. We’ll keep the quesadillas warm for next time.
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