Donald Kilpatrick
January 2010
New Posters.
One day while living in Salt Lake City over ten years ago, my wife and I headed over to the local auto parts store to buy something for the car we had at the time. We park the car, and as we were walking into the store, I spotted a grey primer-painted 1970’s El Camino (you know, the car that looks like it should be a truck.) with the words “what you need is more fist in your diet” scrawled across the tailgate with a marker. I point and laugh without knowing that the owner of the car is sitting in it. He gets out and asks, “What are you laughing at?” I stammer and say, “ I dunno, just told my wife a joke, that’s all…” He grunts at me threateningly then heads into the store. My heart was pounding having just averted a beating. I spotted this same guy a few weeks later in downtown Salt Lake just about to throw a punch at another motorist.

Does anyone out there know if someone like Chuck Norris coined this phrase? Jean Claude VanDam? Schwarzenegger? Just curious because that guy didn’t seem to be a brilliant copywriter…

The image of the guy punching the bear reflects my feeling of 2009, but as I was printing this the other day, a former student of mine told me a story of his Russian roommate who claimed to have drank a bottle of vodka and then wrestled Siberian bears. Maybe from here on out I will lie and say that was my inspiration for this piece.

If I can get my act together I plan on having both of these for sale on both Etsy and Illogator. I plan on donating the proceeds from the sale of these posters to the relief effort in Haiti. Thanks for stopping by.

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