Donald Kilpatrick
July 2010
ICON 6 Sketches.

It has been some time since I have posted any of my drawings, and since I didn’t really take as many pictures as I probably should have, I thought I would share some of my drawings made during the Illustration Conference.

For me, the real highlight of this conference was meeting new people, and reconnecting with those who I have e-mailed back and forth with over the past few years. Sure, some of the speakers were great, and inspired me, but like anything I enjoy, it wouldn’t be so enjoyable without my friends there to enjoy it with me. I hope to see many of you again sometime soon!

A 3x3 surprise and Hardpressed Letterpressed volume one ready to go!
So a few weeks back i was pleasantly surprised to be notified of my work being awarded gold for the upcoming 3x3 pro show. I am honored to have my work chosen for this kind of honor, and this is my first award of this nature, so it means a lot to me. Something like this gives me the confidence to keep pushing where i have been exploring. I am humbled to be in such great company.
Also, i wanted to give an update on the Hardpressed Letterpress Project. The first set of cards is finished and ready to go. There are nine participating artists in this first set, and they are- Edel Rodriguez, Nancy Stahl, Mark Todd, Myself, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Ross MacDonald, Steve Schudlich, Micah Player, and Leo Espinosa.
I have a few other artists who are in the second edition that is well underway.
I was able to convince Ross Macdonald to typeset and print the paper bands that wrap each individual set, and he did an amazing job.
A limited number of these card sets are available for sale starting this week at the Illustration Conference.
Some of Ross MacDonald's great typesetting.

Each set of cards is wrapped with a paper band printed by Ross MacDonald.

All of the cards in the first set together. From left to right- Mark Todd, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Leo Espinosa, Nancy Stahl, Steve Schudlich, Don Kilpatrick, Micah Player, Edel Rodriguez, and Ross MacDonald.

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