Edel Rodriguez
This is an image I made in reaction to this week's news that the current Pope may have been responsible for not punishing pedophile priests when he was a cardinal in Germany.  I couldn't find a publisher for it so I thought I'd put it up here. 
More information from this article in TIME this week:  "The current pedophile-priest scandal — what the Catholic writer and papal critic Andrew Sullivan pointedly refers to as "child rape" by clergy — has transfixed Catholics around the world, particularly with the allegations out of Germany that Benedict XVI, then Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger of Munich, may have allowed a transferred priest accused of sexual abuse to work again with children. The scandal has had a telling effect on the tradition-bound Holy See. High-ranking clerics have complained of media bias and a conspiracy against the Pope. One well-placed Vatican official who worked closely with the Pope when he was a Cardinal says "a sense of confusion" is spreading throughout the church hierarchy. "And the Pope himself is confused," the official says. "You can see it in his face. He is pained and saddened."
Unpublished portrait of Pope Benedict I did for TIME when he was elected
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