Edel Rodriguez
For my great friend Leo—The Mag is Back!
Wanna know what's become of New York five years after 9/11?  It's still here.  It's still rockin', it's still jazzin' or bluesin', or whatever!  We're living life and kicking ass!

The scene, Society of Illustrators.  The band, The Half Tones.  I always thought if I just learned to draw I could be as cool as my heroes. 
I took all the damn classes, studied abroad, learned to draw, got published, blah, blah, blah.  Then, I find out my heroes are in a band and they kick royal ass!  I'll absolutely never be as cool as them, NEVER!  But at least I can take their pictures......!!!
HAL MAYFORTH:  Draws little men with big eyes but the guy is huge!  The voice of a blues legend.  About seven feet tall.  If there is ever an illustrators vs. art directors football game, I want this guy on my team.  Whatever team I happen to be in.
BARRY BLITT:  Yeah, this is the guy with 500 New Yorker covers.  Yeah, he plays piano, just to rub it in some more.  And yeah, he's very comfortable at the Society.  Shoes?  Who needs shoes?  I own this place!
RICHARD A. GOLDBERG:  Yeah, this is the guy with 500 rejected New Yorker covers.  Yeah, he plays harmonica, just to rub it in.  And yeah, he's very comfortable at the Society.  I mean, very comfortable.  I mean, real relaxed man...
JAMES STEINBERG:  This guy gets the crowd going!  "Get up and dance", "I wanna see ya dance".  My kind of guy.  Yeah, plays the saxophone.  I gotta take some music lessons.
ROBERT SAUNDERS:  Quiet, mannered, Clark Kent in real life. Super duper man on gueeetar!
JOE CIARDIELLO:  I could sit there and watch Joe on drums all night long.  Actually, I did.
MICHAEL SLOAN:  "Hey, we're all friends here, I don't need to stand up do I?".  Yes, the most laid back bass player in the world.
"Cheech" Rodriguez and "Chong" Espinosa. 

There was also the baby portraits show opening downstairs at the Society where a bunch of artists got to draw themselves as snotty kids or whatever.  I heard the opening turned out pretty good.

I was asked to participate, sent the piece in, but it was "lost" somewhere in transit I guess.  I was kind of bummed so I didn't go to the opening.  I FINALLY got it back today from the shipping company so I thought I'd post it up since people didn't get to "see it at the show".  Here it is, my "Beautiful Baby" portrait.  Leo can take all the credit....
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