Edel Rodriguez
Losing My Darwin
Well, after the whole guitar "accuracy" fiasco, I thought I'd bring up a less controversial subject—Religion!

I did this image for a story on "Intelligent Design", a concept that is gaining ground as an opposition to Darwin's theories of evolution.  More and more school districts are trying to include "I.D." as part of their science curriculum.  The story I worked with made the point that by newspapers and magazines discussing "Intelligent Design" alongside Evolution, it gives this movement the scientific credibility it does not have, especially since it is not backed by any scientific proof.

I love black bean soup, and I love sour cream, but they don't belong together.  Sorry guys.  (Actually, black beans should go over rice, it is not a soup, but I digress).  Anyways, I like schools, and I MAY like religion, but they don't belong together.  I respect people's faith, but that's what churches are for.  Keep religion out of our schools. 

So, how do you feel?  Do you like sour cream in your black bean soup?

Oh, and there's an election in two months.
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