Edel Rodriguez
Art Basel Miami

I’ve uploaded a set of photographs from my trip down to Miami for Art Basel.   You can check them out here
I go to Miami often but hadn’t been to the fair before, there was a lot of energy around the city which was great to see.  The events are spread out and there is a lot to check out, hard to get to it all.  Many of the events take place in three areas—the convention center at the beach, where Art Basel is located, the Design District, with many of the gallery openings, and Wynwood, a warehouse area that has become an art center for the city, some of the satellite fairs like Scope and Pulse are in that area.  The convention center itself takes a couple of days to walk through and the gallery representatives are generally very open.  They bring a lot of work along and I got a few tours of the backrooms simply by asking about a certain artist.   There were a lot of artists I hadn’t seen before and so much great work to check out. 
Some of the highlights were all of the Friends With You installations around town, meeting José Bedia at his studio in Miami, and checking out a lecture by Los Carpinteros at Art Basel.  I recommend going down for the fairs sometime, bring your walking shoes!
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