Edel Rodriguez
1971, What a wild and TRIPPY year...
Seeing Zina's and Nancy's posts on 1971 brought back some crazy flashbacks for me.  That was one triiiippy year for me man...

The year began for me suddenly.  Two cells or something came together and all of a sudden, there I was.  I spent most of the year floating around, reaaaal trippy man.  Must have been some bad acid or something.  I mean the colors I saw and all that floating around upside down, I don't know it was just crrrrazy, but memorable.

In the Summer of '71, August to be exact, the wild trip was cut short.  Suddenly, all I saw was a big bright light.  People grabbing and pulling at me.  Smacking me all over, trying to get me to wake up or something.  Just weeeird.
I finally came down from the wild trip, and people started trying to force feed me some white powder.  They said it was milk, but I didn't believe it man.  They then tried to make me stand up all the time, as you can see from the picture on the right.  I said, "Hey, I just came off this long trip, man, let me be". 
For some reason, I always walked around with my pants off during the rest of 1971.  I don't know, I must have liked the Caribbean breeze or something. 
Thanks, Zina and Nancy, for bringing back these wonderful memories.  It was a trippy year for all of us.
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