Edel Rodriguez
Am I Surrounded by Robert Crumbs???
You gotta understand, I didn't grow up here. I didn't collect comic books, or trading cards, or so many things that everyone here did when they were kids. From Havana to Miami, which is another Havana. There until I was 18. We'd go to the beach, girls in bikinis, etc, etc., the life. So, none of that Northerner angst or whatever, maybe people up north saw girls all covered up in coats all the time and just wanted to draw them naked or something, I don't know. Please explain this stuff to me. Anyways, I bring this up, because the more time I spend at Drawger, the more I think, geez, maybe I'm the weirdo. Everybody read these comics, and knew who Crumb was. They all did that groovy American loner teenager drawing in the basement dreaming of hot girls thing. I didn't find out who Crumb was until I got to college and went to a show called 'High and Low' at the Moma. His drawings were next to Philip Guston's as an example of painters taking from comics. That's when I went "HOLY CRAP!" who's this Crumb guy. These drawings rock! The guy can draw man. I don't know why I thought of all this, but I'm looking around Drawger and seeing all these guys' pictures with pork pie hats (whatever pork pie means) and going, "gee, why am I always the odd man out in these weirdo art circles?" Should I read comics? Is there other stuff as great as Crumb? I need enlightenment.
This thing is just nuts, in a great kind of way!
This woman should watch over Drawger on a constant basis, I tell ya!
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