Edel Rodriguez
Something from MY Cigar Box
I don't know why I always feel an urge to follow up Bob Staake's posts.  It's like the guy has lived his life in some alternative stunning design Universe FROM BIRTH.  Bob recently posted a picture of something he pulled out of his cigar box.  Hey, just a super cool, rad surfboard.  No biggie.

Got me thinking, what was I designing in the 80's? 

So, I had a great friend named Rene Mesa.  We were both into Heavy Metal.  He was into it much more than myself for sure.  So, he asked me one day, "Dude, can you airbrush my name on my gueeetar like that cool Metallica logo, but you know, have it say Mesa!".  I was like "Dude, that's so freakin' cool, dude!  For sure!  And I'll even add that crazy skull dude from the album cover!"

Frisket in one hand and airbrush in the other, I got around those darn guitar strings and created this masterpiece!

God, how lame is this compared to that Bob Staake surfboard.  ROCK ON!
David Goldin, Here is the masterpiece I was working from. Get it "MetallicA" and "MesA", start with M's and end with A's. "Dude, is that cool or what, dude, I want it on my gueetar, dude!"
The skull guy was from a Megadeth album cover. Megadeth, Metallica, they weren't friends. But I brought them together in one guitar. That's why it's a masterpiece.
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