Edel Rodriguez
When I was 15 years old!
Dear Fans of Drawger,
It is my goal on this website to destroy the myth that all artists were once social deviants and members of punk rock bands with "shocking" names.  Recently, fellow Drawgers David Goldin and Adam McCauley posted some things from their wild teenage years.  David, his freaky and cool comics collection (which he bought in the village, while skipping school no less, oooooh!), and Adam, a drawing of his punk rock band, named PRI.  At first, I thought he named it for the Mexican political party, but nooooo, the band was named after something 'dirty' and cool, which I won't get into here.

Anyways, this is what I was doing when I was 15.  Staying after school like a nice boy and drawing the hell out of some bottles I had set up in my art class.  Wild times as always for me!  I mean, look at that detail.  I had to have been on SOMETHING to do this.

Oh, the hole in the drawing is from the cable guy drilling into the wall at my parent's place.  Guess what was on the other side of the wall behind the dresser?  Yes, my drawing.  My parents, they always took such great care of my work.  I love them!

So, if you're a geeky art/science/math kid, don't pay attention to the lives of these other druggie teenage hoodlum Drawgers.  Stay after school, be good, and you too could one day be a moderately known and obscure artist as well.
Yeah, I decided to draw all the type in the label too.  I liked being in school A LOT!
I just loved all those reflections.  I mean, I really, really loved them.
The cable guy's drill hole sits right above the potatoes.  Thanks, cable guy for showing up that day!  Really, great job you bastard!
I've added this image for the forensic investigators in the audience.
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