Edel Rodriguez
A Chimp and a Man having coffee at a diner by Jack Unruh
One of my illustration idols when I was in school was Jack Unruh. People like him, Alan Cober, and Robert Andrew Parker, made me feel like I could get into this business by just straight up line drawing. The kinds of things I was doing in my sketchbooks. Last week I had the honor of hiring Jack Unruh at TIME for a cover story on how humans and apes share so much of their DNA. It was the same project Tim O'Brien worked on. It's the first time Jack has done a drawing for me and it felt great to work with him since I've been a huge fan for such a long time. I called him and said "Jack, you wanna draw a guy and a chimp having coffee at a diner?" He said "heck yeah!, Let me clear out my schedule". What a great guy! Here is the drawing, and close ups with incredible detail. He started this Thursday at noon and was finished Friday at 2p.m. The guy is INCREDIBLE. I usually don't post things from work, but with all the chimp action going around, this drawing was too precious not to share with everyone.
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