Edel Rodriguez
Lucy, Somesing Estrange is Going On!!!
Oooh Ricky, what do you mean? 

I don't know Lucy, that's a lotta packetes in one day, I sink there's a conspiracia.

Ricky, it's just boxes, come on! let's break 'em open!

Ooooh no, Lucy!  No, No!  These gringos haf somesing going on.  I not open that, noooo way!

Ricky!  Come on!

No way Jose, that one there, ses "bundled by red fez wearing chimpanzees".  That's crazier than some paquete from India, I tell you.  And the other one, that handwriting, I don't know, mucho suspicioso.  Get Fred and Ethel here, haf them open it!  I go call the policia right now!!!!!!!!!
Man!!!!!!!  Look at what I got today!!!!!!!

TONS O' STAAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Dedicated, and sketches drawn in there by the master himself!!!!

This stuff is so cool to read through.   My kid's going nuts!  "Big black ball!, Lemon!.  Dada, I love ROBOTS.  Dada, I love Bob Staake!"  It's crrrrazy!! 
Staake, someone overdosed on kiddie literature today!  You are quite a damn great writer man!!!  And the visuals, everyone has to experience these books.  That ORB book is incredible.
And look at the stuff FLAHERTY sent me.

Bottle of HAWAIIAN 155 PROOF RUM!!!!!

A Hula skirt, necklace, flower and some shells to cover my top!  It'll be hard to fit into these since it's made for a four year old girl.  But dammit, I'm chugging that bottle of rum tonight, putting that skirt on, and dancing the HULA!!!!!!!!!!!

Look for pictures in the Speakeasy tomorrow morning!!!
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