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This is a selection of recent magazine covers I've been working on, along with some of the sketches and process that led to the final image.   The first, above, is for The Crisis, published by the NAACP.  The topic is gun violence in the Black community and what to do to stop it from within.  I went in number of directions as you can see in the sketches below but this one seemed to grab the viewer's attention most effectively.
Sketches for The Crisis cover. They're pretty rough, but most of the art directors I work with regularly give me some latitude to figure things out when I get to the final cover image.

This cover for JET magazine is on the epidemic of missing Black children and the media's lack of interest in following up on the stories.   JET took it upon themselves to create awareness.  So much so that the cover story ended up being featured on segments on CNN and other networks:

Sketches for Jet magazine cover

The last cover story is on the deportation of undocumented immigrants and those with permanent resident status that have settled in the country.   The main story deals with a man that was in the U.S. legally.  He had a permanent resident card and had been working in the country and raising a family.   He was accused of a crime and the law states that he had to be deported.  
I was a "resident alien" for about 12 years in the U.S. before I became a citizen.  Had no idea one could be deported for committing a crime while living here legally with a residency card.  There are many other complicated deportation cases discussed in the story.

This image was used as a full page in the Boston Law issue about deportation.  The image below ran as a spot in the same story.

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