Edel Rodriguez
My HOT date with Zina
I did this drawing from memory while floating on a cloud on the commute back home. I mean, who brings a sketchbook on a date? Looks nothing like Zina, but I like it.
Z:  Hi Edel, I wanna get together.
E:  Um, er, that’s kind of forward, I don’t think a woman has ever asked me out on a date.
Z:  Where do you want to do it?
E: Um, er, do what exactly?
Z: You know, it was YOUR idea!  Let’s do it already!
E: Well then, sure, Let’s DO IT!

Man, a date, where do I take this woman? I hear she’s been on many dates with all sorts of characters.  I’ve gotta impress her.  I know!  I’ll have her meet me at work.  Chicks love guys with real j-o-b’s.  That guaranteed health insurance is a real turn on.  O.K., so, I’ll show her around work, then what?  Hmmm…. A museum, women always like a cultured man, and this girl’s an artist.  The Museum of Modern Art, that’s the place.  I’ll take her there, impress her with all my accumulated art knowledge and maybe I’ll get a kiss on the cheek and a second date out of it.   It…might…just…work.

E:  (Real relaxed and laid back voice) Hey, why don’t you meet me at work on Wednesday and then we head over to the MoMA for lunch by the Sculpture Garden.
Z:  Sounds HOT!  See you on Wednesday.

Oh boy, Jesus, what should I wear? She’ll expect something colorful, maybe red.  But I don’t have anything red.  Nah, I’m going with black, maybe a pair of jeans, go with that whole cool artist thing.  Man, I gotta shave for this, probably floss, I hate flossing…..shine my shoes…I gotta impress this lady.

E:  Hi, yes, Zina Saunders, you can let her up….

Tic, toc, tic, toc

Z:  Edel!  Hi!  We meet!

 Kiss, kiss, hug, hug.

E:  Let me show you around the place.  This is my semi-imressive office with semi-impressive views.  Oh that?  Just some award winning works, no biggie, yaddah, yaddah, let’s go eat!

Scene:  MoMA Fifth floor Café, Outdoor Terrace, overlooking Sculpure Garden.  Beautiful Fall afternoon.  A waiter guides us to a table for two.  We sit down.

Z: So, let’s DO IT! 
E: Here???  Now???
Z: Yeah, I brought my tape recorder.
E: You’re gonna record it too?? 
Z:  Of course, it’s an interview, silly.
E:  Oh….

Overall, I think it was a pretty HOT date.   I’m waiting by the phone for THE CALL.

To be continued…
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