Edel Rodriguez
Celia the Queen - A film project
Earlier this year, there was a feature of my work in Communication Arts for which I did the cover.  The producer of an upcoming film on the Cuban music legend Celia Cruz read the article in CA and wanted me to get involved with the movie in some way.
They have a lot of footage shot already.  Interviews with people like Wyclef Jean, Quincy Jones, David Byrne, Andy Garcia and Narciso Rodriguez.  They even went to Cuba and shot footage there. 
To give the movie another angle, one of the things they are thinking of mixing into the film are shots of me drawing, either portraits of Celia Cruz or images of Cuba.  Another idea is for me to illustrate and design the poster and other material.
The quality of this film would be something like Ry Cooder's Buena Vista Social Club film.  Part homage, looking back, artist's personal recollections, etc.  Something magical.
I am very excited about this, I can't begin to express what Celia Cruz means to me.  I grew up with her music.  Her story of coming to America and making it here was an inspiration to my entire family.  This is the first feature length film about her life. 
Some people may not know who Celia Cruz is.  If you're a Beatles fan, it would be like getting a call to be in the first film about John Lennon, and maybe do the poster too.  Very cool.
There are still a lot of steps to get to the end, I'll post things as it goes along.  In the meantime, the filmmakers have put together the first teaser trailer on their site.  Check it out here:  CELIA THE QUEEN

For some sample music here's a best of album from the 50's and 60's
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