Edel Rodriguez
Happy Holi-Daze
I have to admit, the one thing I dread every year is making a Christmas card.  In one image, you have to be witty, funny, cute, etc.  AND you have to try to do that for other artists that have seen it all.  Many times, I just let the Holiday pass and I don't do a card.

This year, I've been inspired by The Art Director's Club Invitational Poster! and the long discussion that's gone on here at Drawger.  So, I put my best "Outsider" artist hat on, and went to work.  Here's Rudolph the Apocalyptic Reindeer

Best wishes to you Drawgers, thanks for a wonderful year of inspiration!  Here's to a non-apocalyptic 2007!  Cheers, and thanks for putting up with all my sillyness. 

***I have one Christmas wish that's attainable:  All lurkers that read this post, please click on "add a comment" and just say "Hi".  I hear there are thousands of you out there, who are you?   Happy Holidays to you too!
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