Edel Rodriguez
This is the latest illustration for the series I'm working on for German Playboy.  I'm putting this up on Friday night because I figure nobody is paying attention.  I'm starting to think that at some point I will get a knock on the door from a feminist group, and I will have to explain myself!
The story here was about a guy that stayed at a hotel and fell in love with the chamber maid.  She was beautiful, Latin, buxom, and he liked how she made the bed, o.k.?  She was from Perú and didn't speak English.  He went to the library, got books about her country and immersed himself in her culture.  He was staying at the hotel for a long time, it's a sweet story!
I'm getting some light pressure from the client to, um, "accentuate".  I don't want these images to be total pinups so I'm getting around that by not filling in the color, just doing linework, etc.  I think it looks a little more sophisticated and thoughtful than a regular pinup.  I'd like to hear from the Drawger women.  How am I doing? !!
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