Edel Rodriguez
Work picked for Communication Arts Annual
Youth Detention Centers for BYU Magazine
Communication Arts sent out e-mails this week letting people know what got in to their show.  Usually friends start asking, "hey, did you get anything in, what did you get in?", etc.  So, this year I got lucky and got four images in, I thought I'd post them up. 
It's always funny to me what these shows pick because I can never predict it.  I think something I sent in is strong, and nothing, it doesn't get in!  I submit work every year because these shows (CA, American Illustration, Soc. of Illustrators, 3x3) are the only print advertising that I do.  Over the years I've seen that most art directors use these books as guides when choosing an artist.  So, it's just become a habit to enter every year and fun to see which image they pick.  Or if they pick any at all.

Youth Detention #2, These were accepted as a series
Robert Altman, The New Yorker
For a story about a couple going through a separation, WEST Magazine
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