Edel Rodriguez
The Bronx Zoo
This past weekend I went with my family to The Bronx Zoo.  I brought my camera along.  I've added a few images from the zoo to my photography gallery.  You can check them out HERE.

When I was at Pratt, in Brooklyn, some of our classes would go to the Bronx Zoo to draw, it's really a wonderful place for artists.  Many of the students that were into animation went there often to study the behavior of the animals and incorporate it into their animations.  One of my favorite teachers, David Passalaqua, took his students there often.
The visit reminded me of a recent assignment I did for Kelly Doe at the New York Times Science section.  It was on new studies that relate the behavior of Chimpanzees to the behavior of humans.  Characteristics such as empathy, discipline, nurture, etc.  I was asked to draw chimps exhibiting these behaviors, you can see those illustrations below.
Leo sent me a link to this Weezer video and I'm in a goofy mood, so it's going up here. This will be my wildlife post! Great song:
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