Edel Rodriguez
I just wanted to recommend a few CD's I'm listening to (yes, I still buy CD's). I have a love for album or CD art and packaging, it's hard to give that up.  I'm holding out for a comeback!   I also like listening to entire albums and not just buying single songs, I like to hear an album how the artist intended it to be heard.
These are the recent albums I've gotten. I was able to find some pretty neat video clips which I've added below.
1. Ibrahim Ferrer, "Mi Sueño". Ferrer was part of the Buena Vista Social Club. He passed away in 2005, I miss him. The new album seems to be of recordings that where done a few years ago. It's produced by Nick Gold, who also did the Buena Vista album. I found this clip of 'The Gorillaz' playing with a video projection and song by Ferrer. It's just an amazing combination. Great to see these two genres that I love mixed in one song. Check it out:
2. Another CD I've been playing a lot is 'Neon Bible' by Arcade Fire. Really enjoying it. Josh Carpenter pointed out a while back that some of their songs sound very much like 70's Bruce Springsteen. He's very right! I hadn't thought of it until he mentioned it. Maybe that's why I like it. Here's a clip of the song "Intervention" combined with Sergei Eisenstein's "Battleship Potemkin". Interesting combination:
3. Also listening to Wilco's new album "Sky Blue Sky". Here's "What Light":
4. There's a new album out by Cuba's best band, Los Van Van, Titled "Chapeando". If you're interested in current music from the island, they're the band. The clip below is from a concert a few years ago in Miami. It was very controversial and caused a lot of problems to have a band from Cuba playing in Miami, it's rare for that to occur. I love their music, it's never political. If anything, their lyrics at times can be critical of the difficulties Cubans have to endure on a daily basis:
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