Edel Rodriguez
And Sometimes they run it BIG....
Many times when we do an illustration, the publication ends up running the art very small.  A lot of the detail ends up getting lost when the art is printed small.  I've gotten used to that.
One of the great things about doing the cover for a newspaper section is the opportunity to bust out the image and have it look almost like a poster when the reader opens up the paper.
I recently got the opportunity to do the cover for the NY Times Week in Review section and went into the assignment with the thought of creating a large, poster-like image.  The art director was great and we had a fun time looking through my sketches and trying to find the right fit.  In the end, we both agreed that this was the right sketch to go with. 
The story was about the phenomena of political advisors.  How much control do they have over politicians? What do they control?  Are they necessary?  The politician as a little finger puppet with a big finger controlling him just made me chuckle.  More of the sketches are below:
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